Amusement Park Trains Are A Big Hit Today

Amusement Park Trains are a hit choice. These trackless trains include the main engine and bogies for passengers. The number of bogies depends on your requirement and can be altered according to your needs.

Features to know

These are electric amusement park trains which do not need tracks to run on, they are supplied all over the world and are being manufactured since a very long time, though it has gotten momentum in the recent few decades. These are water resistant made of steel body which can withstand all the weather conditions thus are durable to use. They are water resistant and shock resistant. They are put through various robust tests for load tests and other works. You can trust these trackless trains.

amusement park train

Purposeful as well as useful

These amusement park trains are suitable for children and adult both. These are comfortable electric vehicles which do not need tracks to run on and have become a major attraction these days. The interior is beautifully decorated and has an MP4 music system installed with it which gives a soothing atmosphere inside the train. The body is painted in beautiful colors and designs. The seats are comfortable to sit on, it has spacious compartments. These trains has a charming appeal to it that attracts children and adults both towards it.

Amusement park trains are reliable and can be stopped with the use of hydraulic disc brakes. Even at sloped plains these trains can be held stationary using handbrakes. These trackless trains can be used outdoors in amusement parks as well as indoors such as malls.

Technical Specifications:

They are loaded with amazing specifications, some of which are:

  • Handbrakes, allowing it to stay stationary even on slopes.
  • It can carry 24 kids or 16 adults at a time.
  • The weight of each wagon is approximately 210 kg.

It has a huge myriad of attractive features that include steam and flame animation that guarantees you a superb experience. The trains has the feature of four different voices for announcements and include train horns. These amusement park trains are made with superb precision that ensures that it is durable and long-lasting.

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