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trackless train amusement park


Our company is operating since 1985 and producing electric vehicles since that time. We started to produce Trackless trains in 1999 and still working on manufacturing and repairing of accumulator vehicles and spare parts supplying.

trackless train amusement park

We developed our Trackless & electric powered trains with every single order and continue to do our best with international
security standartds. We export our products all around the world. Our customer portfolio that is growing expeditiously every year is an indicator about our quality standarts and reliability.

The secret or our success depends on 100% customer satisfaction principle. Within the frame of this principle we analyse the conditions that the vehicle will be used and we
take the personel who will use the vehicle in consideration in designing process of the vehicle.

Improving / Innovation: We can produce a technologically improved vehicle according to your needs also we can design and produce a very new and different product from the beginning according to your requirements.

trackless train amusement park

Guarantee: All of our products are guaranteed for 2 year. Most of the parts used in the manufacture are domestic so it provides huge savings in maintenance and repair expenses.

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