Double Decker Electric Tram Production Has Been Completed

The production process of the double-decker electric tram, which was a special order of our Egyptian customer, has been completed.

The double-decker tram, which we have completed in approximately 50 days, has a passenger capacity of 27 children or 15 adults.

The electric tram, which has a steering system in both directions, has an electric motor of 7 Kw.

Our double-decker electric tram has 2 sets of battery systems. When the 1st set batteries are discharged, the 2nd set batteries can be easily changed and installed. the batteries can be easily changed with the slide system. Thus, when the tram runs out of charge, the 2nd set of batteries can be inserted and the movement can continue without having to wait.

Our electric double-decker tram, which can travel an average of 60 km on a full charge, offers a very comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Tram General Features

Maximum Speed : 8 km/h
Double Decker Sizes (L*W*H) : 480x160x288 cm
Electric Engine : 7KW bldc(brushless dc)
Batteries 1. Set : 12 pcs Trojan T105 6v 225ah
Batteries 2. set : 12 pcs Trojan T105 6v 225ah
Charge Time : 8H
Engine Controller : 200 amper Amicrocontroller
Wieght : 1200 kg
Distance(km) : 60 km full charge
Passenger capacity : 25-27 kids or 13-15 adults
Maximum capacity : 1200 kg
Wheels : 8-10’’
Turning circle : 4,5 mt – Steering System On Both Sides

We would like to thank all our customers for choosing us.

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