Electric Mall Trains Can Be Used For Indoor And Outdoor

We constantly develop our electric mall trains according to the needs of our customers.
Electric mall trains can be used for both indoor and outdoor environments. Therefore, the requirements and expectations that allow our customers to choose a train may differ.
We customize our electric trains and all our products to suit customers’ needs and budgets.


electric mall trains


Our Electric Mall Trains Have European Standards on Quality

The most important policy of our company is the zero tolerance policy, which does not compromise the quality of our trackless trains. The components, parts, all materials that make up our products are of high quality, we have a special effort to be sensitive to the environment and human health.
Our electric mall trains are extremely safe for children and adults. Our main goal at all times is to take all precautions that prioritize the safety of children. We have all the authority and certificates for this.

The Trackless Trains We Produce Have a Wide Area of Uses

Our electric mall trains that we produce can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments to meet the needs of customers in the widest area. Our trains are extremely resistant to bad weather conditions outside. You can use our trains and all other products for many years without any problems.

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