Mini Train – Get an Enjoyable Electric Trains

Mini trains are safe for the environment. They are a green alternative and one of the greatest attraction of children at any amusement park. These electric mini train are manufactured with care and precision to give the best comfort and provide best appearance to the train. Electric mini trains are painted with bright colors such as yellow, blue, green and red.

Mini Train

Amazing quality

These trains are made with stainless steel and the seats are wood covered with comfortable fabric, the colors used are bright and of the best quality. These electric mini trains are styled in many themes from various cartoons and animals.  It gives you the most joyous experience to travel on these mini electric train which has sufficient speed not to make you feel like a sloth.


Rides on these electric mini trains are enjoyable and are a hit among kids and adults as well. These electric mini trains can be widely found in zoos and give you a detailed ride of the whole zoo. Riding on these trains in zoos are fun and you will have the time of your life on these trains.

The compartments are spacious and you do not feel congested while riding on them, these electric mini trains are good for the environment and produce minimal pollution, even the horn to this train is not too loud and do not contribute to noise pollution. The windows are big and give you a proper view of the scenery outside. These are a very good alternative to the fuel-consuming trains which are harmful for the environment. Everyone loves to travel on these trains and are so comfortable to sit on

Technical specifications

These mini trains are power packed and have the following features:

  • It runs at a maximum speed of 8 kilometers.
  • Requires a 48 V DC motor.
  • The batteries are rechargeable.

The control system is very easy and you can easily maneuver them after a briefing of the first instructions. These trains are tested vigorously with robust load experiments.

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