Our Nostalgic Tramway Started Service in Istanbul Pendik

We successfully completed the production and delivery process of the electric nostalgic tram requested by Istanbul Pendik Municipality within the framework of the electric tram project developed in line with the goal of providing modern and comfortable public transportation services.

This special tram has a design with unique features and is designed to offer passengers a safe, comfortable and efficient travel experience.

Mayor Ahmet Cin took the first test drive of the nostalgic tram that will serve in Pendik bazaar.

An opening ceremony was organized for the nostalgic tram, which is powered by solar energy and has a passenger capacity of 30 people. In addition to Mayor Ahmet Cin, AK Party Pendik District Chairman Özer Sarıkaya, municipal council members and citizens attended the ceremony.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mayor Ahmet Cin stated that Pendik has a deep-rooted history and said, “The area where we are located was one of the first planned settlement areas of the Ottoman Empire. We wanted to add a nostalgic atmosphere to this historical city. Our tram will serve in the center of Pendik between certain routes. There were horse-drawn carriages before, but we can no longer do this, so we decided to start such a service. Hopefully, we will revitalize the center a little more.” Mayor Ahmet Cin then tested the tram and citizens took photos of the tram during the test drive.


Our Nostalgic Tram Started Service in Istanbul Pendik

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