trackless train maxi model larger wagons

Trackless Train Maxi Model

Trackless Train Maxi Model is a 4 car configuration and is comprised of one locomotive, 3 covered passenger wagons. Maxi trains have larger wagons for adults and children. Trackless Train Maxi Model is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The main frame of steel locomotives and wagons for many years using water and shock resistant marine counter keeps its innovation without deforming.

Trackless Train Maxi Model is covered with foam and leatherette seating groups for the convenience of passengers.

Trackless Train Maxi Model is covered with foam and leatherette seating groups for the convenience of passengers.

Maxi Train Manufacurer
trackless train maxi
trackless train maxi

Technical SpecificationsTrackless Train Maxi

Maximum Speed 10 km/h
Sizes (L*W*H) 300X115X190 cm
Motor 72V DC motor
Batteries 12 ad 200a Tracer battery – American Trojan Batteries
Battery Charge Automatic
Charge Time 8H
Controller 72V 200A
Wheels Back 4.50x.10’ – Front 4.0×8’
Wieght 850 kg
Distance(km) 60 km full charge
Coal vagons sizes 220x115x120 cm
Passenger vagons sizes 220X115x220 cm
Terraces vagons sizes 220X115x220 cm
Maximum carrying capacity 500 kg/ each wagon
wheels 4.00×8’
Travelers 36 children or 24 adult
Turning circle 7,5 mt
maxi model

photo gallerytrackless train maxi

allame maxi train
allame trackless electric train

Standard optionstrackless train maxi

72V DC motor
12 batteries
60 km full charge
36 children or 24 adult
used inside & outside
Trackless and Electric
CE & ISO 9001
Sound Pack
2-year warranty

extra optionstrackless train maxi

smoke machine trackless train Only pressing a button, the conductor will instantly generate smoke. The liquid that evaporates is glycol based. It is safe and non-toxic and can be used in an indoor.
Anti-collision system trackless train If an object is detected, the train slows down or stop with the help of sensors. If the driver wishes, he can deactivate it.
roof advertisement frames it is possible to increase advertising spaces by placing advertising frames on top of wagons.
wheels in motion trackless train This feature allows the wheels to turn and adds realism to the train. The Wheels In Motion rotate at variable speeds and in tandem with the speed of the train.
led lights trackless train With led lights, the train becomes quite flashy and center of interest.
disabled entry This feature allows disabilities people to get on the train.

usage areastrackless train maxi

shopping mall train

Shopping Malls

Mall trains are a hit right now. Mall trains have become a big reason why the footfall to malls have gone high.
Mall trains are electrically operated and battery operated.
Battery operated mall trains are rechargeable and are stable and reliable.

Theme Parks

Entertainment trains have always drawn attention in theme parks. But many theme parks still have railway trains.
Our trackless electric trains will add fun to the theme parks with our dazzling designs.
Our trackless trains cost is much lower and the fact that it is a trackless allows more flexibility.

theme park trackless train
Entertainment parties trackless train

Entertainment Parties

Electric trains are safe for the environment. They are a green alternative and one of the greatest attraction of children at any entertainment parties. Rides on these electric mini trains are enjoyable and are a hit among kids and adults as well. Our trains are an attraction point and serve as the focal point wherever they are situated.


Trackless trains are becoming popular day by day. These electric or battery run trains are fun and enjoyable to ride on.
These trackless trains are suitable for children and adult both. These are comfortable electric vehicles which do not need tracks to run on and have become a major attraction these days.

zoos train
city parks trackless train

City Parks

Business models will vary. In America, the typical model is for an independent train owner to contract a lease with the mall. In other parts of the world the train may be owned and operated by the mall. A typical ride will last 7-8 minutes. Generally, the ride has a cost but we know of operations where the ride is free.

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