2 Unit Electric Big Passenger Trams Completed For South Korea

Big Passenger Trams

The production of 2 large passenger trams, which was a special order of our South Korean customer, was completed and the shipping process started.

 The production of the trams, which we started in October 2021, was completed on 20 March 2022. You can find production photos below.

Each tram has a capacity of 20-24 adults passengers. In addition, trams have steering system in both directions.

Trams have air conditioning and heating systems. We used long-lasting and environmentally friendly lithium batteries in trams.

Before starting the production, we decided on the detailed 3d drawings and the design with our customer. Below you can find the 3d drawings of the trams and the photos after the production is finished.

The trams, which can travel an average of 60 km on a full charge, offers a very comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Lashing & Shipping Process

Two 40′ High Cube Open Top Containers were used for the shipping of the trams.
Extra precautions were taken to prevent the trams from being damaged in containers during transportation. For this, support was received from a professional lashing company. Below you can see photos of lashing inside the containers for trams.

You can find the technical specifications of the trams below.

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Technicial Specifications

Maximum Speed : 10 KM/H
Sizes (L*W*H) : 7000 X 2100 X 3100
Minimum Turning Radius : 7,780 mm
Electric Motor : 72V AC INDICTION max torque 200 Nm
Voltage : DC 72V(Changeable)
Motor Controller : Zapi Ace3 72v 600A
Weight : 4000-4500 kg
Steering Angle: 40°
Maximum Gradient : 2%
Passenger capacity : 24 Adults
Operating Temperature : -30 C° — +50 C°
Rated Output : 6.3 KW
Break System : Hydraulic

Air Conditioner System:
An additional 12 kWh lithium battery
DC cabin air conditioner

Battery System:
Lithium light battery: lifetime: 5-10 years, 2000-3000 cycle,
charge time: 3-4 hours charge, Distance: 60 km full charge

– Front and rear driving possible
– Heating system (diesel cabin heater webasto)
– 8 pcs camera, mp4 monitor, non-puncture tire, leather seats
– Including a monitor and air conditioning system that can be viewed inside the tram

electric tram for adults

Tram 3D Design Process

Tram Production Process

Tram Production Completed

Packing and Loading of Trams

Trams Lashing Process

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