Electric Trackless Train Maxi Model With 4 Wagons Ready for Shipping to Qatar

We produced the Electric Trackless Train Maxi Model with 4 wagons for a customer from

Qatar.Electric Trackless Train Maxi Model have larger wagons for adults and children.
Electric Trackless Train Maxi Model is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Maxi Train is water and impact resistant and can be used for many years without deforming.
We also used led screens inside the wagons.

Electric Trackless Train

About Wagons Screens
You can put multiple mp4 video into usb.
You can select the video you want from the locomotiv panel and transfer it to the screens.
It also has bluetooth on the screens. So you can also transfer a video on your phone to the screens.
We also used more powerful speakers for the screens.

Electric Trackless Train


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