Electric Ladybug Train is in Tirana, Albania

The production process of the electric ladybug train, which was ordered by our customer in Tirana, Albania, has been completed. The train’s shipping process will begin this week. It is placed on the chassis to prevent any damage to the train during transportation. At the same time, top and side protection bars are placed.

We completed the production of the ladybug electric train in about 20 days. The ladybug train, which has 1 locomotive and 5 wagons, has a passenger capacity of 12 children or 8 adults.

The electric ladybug train is especially popular with children. Electric Ladybug Train can move easily in narrow spaces with its ergonomic structure. The train is extremely suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

The ladybug train, which can travel an average of 50 – 60 km on a full charge, offers a very comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Electric Ladybug Train General Features:

Maximum Speed: 10 km/h
Sizes (L*W*H): 920 X 115 X 116 cm
Electric Engine: 48V BLDC motor
Batteries: 6V 225A * 8 unit tracer battery
Charge Time: 8H
Engine Controller: 48V 150A
Wieght: 700 kg
Distance(km): 60 km full charge
Passenger capacity: 12 children or 8 adults
Maximum capacity: 450 kg
Wheels: 4.0×8’
Turning Circle: 7 mt

We would like to thank all our customers for choosing us.

 We continue to produce and develop our quality products in order to send them all over the world.

For more details and information about our Ladybug train and all products, please contact to us.

+90 532 457 84 75 (WhatsApp Available)

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