Electric Tram, Time to Act

You can be the center of attention of children and adults with the nostalgic electric tram. We started the production of our electric tram last year. We have received very positive feedback about this product. It was very liked by our customers. Electric trams are suitable for zoos, amusement parks, carnivals, parades, shopping malls, showrooms, picnic lanes and many more. We can also make the electric tram in different sizes if desired.

Special Steering System To Go Both Sides İn Tram

The electric tram, which has the ability to move in both directions, is extremely useful for areas without a turn.

Electric tram is one of our newest and most special productions. This product, which was designed nostalgic in accordance with its original, has an electric motor and gets its power from the batteries. It has hydraulic, pneumatic and also hand brake system. In the passenger and driver cabins, there are cameras, mp3 playback, powerful speaker system and microphone for announcement. In the event that people or vehicles appear in front of the tram, the leading sensors come into play and stop the tram by lowering the speed.

electric tram

Durability is extremely important as much as the design is important. We do not compromise on quality so that our customers can use our electric trams and all our other products for many years without problems. All materials used in our products are first class quality materials. In addition, all the parts we use have quality certificates.

We produce all our products at European standards. We also have all the necessary quality certificates for European standards. All of our products are designed in accordance with EN 13814: 2019 – Fair Area and Amusement Park Machinery and Structures – Safety requirements.

electric tram

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