Trackless Train Maxi Plus Model – More Bigger Wagons

Trackless Train Maxi Plus Model – More Bigger Wagons

Electric Trackless Train Maxi Plus Model is a 4 car configuration and is comprised of 1 locomotive, 3 covered passenger wagons. Maxi Plus model has larger wagons for adults and children. Trackless Train Maxi Plus Model is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The Maxi Plus train, which has 9 adult seats in each wagon, has 3 wagons as standard. It can be increased up to 5 wagons in total.


Maximum Speed : 10km/h
Sizes (L*W*H): 300X120X220 cm
Motor: 72V DC 5 KW electric engine
Batteries: 12 ad 200a Tracer battery – American Trojan Batteries
Battery Charge: Automatic
Charge Time : 8 hour
Controller: 72V 200A
Weight: 1200 kg
Distance(km): 60 km full charge

Wagons size: 300X130x220 cm
Max. carrying capacity: 900 kg/ each wagon Wheels: 4.00×8’
Travelers: 40 children or 27 adult

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